How To Create A Live Video Streaming Website Like Twitch And Get Your Revenue

Some vloggers, or video bloggers, have built careers out of this platform. YouTube live streaming is a feature that allows users to broadcast videos of themselves or their activities in real-time. Netflix is an OTT platform that allows users to access films, television shows, documentaries, and other streaming media.

Users can search for their preferred content on the basis of actors, movies, TV shows, ratings, genres, user reviews and more. The development of a Netflix style business is not as hard as it seems. To achieve this, you need to go through several steps as described below. The recommendation algorithm gathers relevant content and increases engagement with the platform. Ensuring secure video encryption for live, archived content to protect from unauthorized viewing and theft of sharing the content.

  • Actually, not many business people were aware of the technology that is thriving nowadays.
  • The task at hand for a platform like this is to both allow users to upload their content and ensure the preservation of their rights for the content they create.
  • Create a strategic video business model which suffices the content purpose.
  • The client’s program collects the received packages in a buffer (the goal is to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted video signal transmission).
  • Generating an embed code is a step that prepares your streaming video website for its first-ever broadcast of a live stream.
  • Vlog has a clean and beautiful design, and it puts great emphasis on the video content with too many other distractions.

Don’t forget to inform your clients about how they can cancel the subscription or change the plan, as the absence of such instructions can be repellent. This way, you can create trustworthy relationships with your customers, as well as do everything in your power to see a profit increase for yourself. You should also consider making various subscription options. For instance, “Basic”, “Standard”, and “VIP” — all of them will then have a different level of access. And even if you have a successful offline business that brings you thousands of dollars monthly, online business monetization works a bit differently. Based on the features needed and on the budget, a decision must be made regarding the use of a custom built or an open-source solution.

In this way, the service motivates users to buy a subscription. Now you can gather any additional equipment you may need and prepare to go live. Not sure if you have everything you need to start live streaming? Check out our article Six Steps to Live Streaming for tips on choosing the right equipment and getting started with your own live streams. A steadily increasing number of people are opting to stream education and entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

Different simulcasting software options support different destinations, so pay close attention to this as you choose one for your streaming setup. Some broadcasters opt to live stream to multiple websites at once as a way to extend their reach. Your video from a format that is optimized for recording and storage to one designed for transmission over the web. This ensures that your viewers can access your web streaming video without issue. Investing in professional audio and video filming equipment can improve your live stream quality.

For this reason, the site should ask for obligatory registration. And, also, for a subscription to a certain monthly payment plan. After the process of registration, each person gets a newly created user account and has to carry out subscription payments according to the chosen plan.

Thinking About App Development?

Working with bloggers and other influencers, makes it possible to connect with an audience of millions. There are some other video streaming protocols that may be used in particular cases. HLS protocol is a must-have technology for video streaming on smartphones and tablets.

In her free time, you’ll find her enjoying the sunset on the beach and praising the beauty of nature. The testing phase is crucial for the success of the live streaming website. The testing team will run both manual and automated testing to get rid of any bugs. Live video website should allow users to watch videos via a player from any device. In addition to that, users should be given an option to customize notifications, resolution, player themes, etc.

The above steps are applicable for live streaming videos on your WordPress website too. Just grab an embedded code from your video host and paste it into your post or page directly. So now is the time to start using live streaming videos on your website to build awareness and expand your reach.

Sharing A Live Stream Website

Each type of live stream broadcasting involves specific tools and steps. Adding live videos to your website could be interesting and fun to work with. It will bring you a bigger number of users, especially if you’re broadcasting some popular events. You can opt for streaming services like Ustream, YouNow or Livestream. They will provide the required bandwidth that will allow you to share the live stream with others. Plus, you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing an encoder.

High data consumption The process of how to start a streaming service like Netflix also demands attention to data consumption. There are basically 4 crucial things that you need to take care of while building a video streaming website. Hence, user convenience is a genuine reason for you to learn how to build a good video streaming website. Not only in the U.S, but the trend of OTT apps and platforms is picking up the pace all around the globe.

This means they are suited for both viewing and streaming, access is no longer tethered to one’s home or office computer, and can be done anywhere. To create a paid video streaming website, you have to take care of payment details. Your website must support multiple payment options such as credit cards and PayPal. If you use third-party services, you need to do your research and select a reliable provider.

AES video encryption – in video streaming, broadcasters can add AES video encryption to a stream for security purposes. When the video is encrypted, a special key scrambles the video content. Unless the viewer has the correct access key, they can’t watch the video.

make video streaming website

If there’s no place for a cursor, these previews will be always seen making the user experience worse. The Vidyard Platform is a powerful video marketing and sales tool that can help businesses of all sizes to create, share and track videos. The platform makes it easy to create engaging videos, add leads and contacts to your CRM, and see how well your videos are performing.

Youtube Live Stream

One of the main things in the development part is the core features of the video streaming service. So far was the business part of how to start a video streaming service like Netflix. Now, another indispensable thing in how to start a business of online video streaming is content availability. Moving forward in how to build a video streaming website is the monetization. This is the essential question to answer to learn how to start a video streaming service like Netflix.

Start building video into your app or service today with a free Wowza Video account. Enables you to embed a live stream player + live chat make video streaming website + video description within a few minutes. To put it simply, a domain is the personal web address users will use to access your site.

make video streaming website

Chat & comments – ability to comment on videos and chat with other users. Home page & onboarding – the page all users land on as soon as they open a website. Utilization of the onboarding process can help quickly introduce users to the service. Depending on the type of product you’ve chosen, you might need to think about content localization, especially if you’re planning on licensing content from abroad.


The video streaming platform also offers great features such as the ability to password-protect videos, add a watermark, and choose a quality level. The best video streaming services give users complete freedom to choose what they want to watch online. You can watch video content on a few of these free video streaming sites, which is a major plus.

make video streaming website

Websites/Mobile apps – Ready made solutions to launch a business ready application. Creation of a Vimeo clone is also driven by factors such as Domains, Branding, Hosting and Marketing Websites. An unharmed web domain accompanied by online hosting is the most crucial feature which cannot be ignored while generating a video streaming site availed by public.

Needless to say how much onboarding benefits a product use. How else would they know you offer the best functionality? Reduce your users’ learning curve and ensure they know every nook and cranny of your site.

Create A Business Plan Roadmap

In the coming years, with the introduction of 5G technology, it will change the way we watch a web series. Push notifications allow you to send important updates and marketing communication to your users in real-time. Look through all of the monetization models and decide what best fits you. So, if you’ve been wanting to develop a streaming solution for your business but weren’t sure that it would be possible, you shouldn’t doubt —it most likely is. So now you’re all set and ready to start the development process with your partners. However, there can be additional features for players you might need for your specific type of content.

Customize Your Live Streaming Site

If you’re unsure how to make a streaming video website legal, consult with a qualified lawyer. The second and most important consideration that will help you build video streaming like Netflix is your platform provider. You should research all prominent platform providers for your website or mobile application and choose the one that matches your requirements and price point.

Trust us, it’ll ensure that the quality of your streams is top-notch, both in terms of audio and video. You should have a clear business vision, identify your goals. Here, you need to identify what you want before making a decision to build video streaming website.

The model works either on the Electronic sell-through or Download to own basis. Users can either choose to buy the video they want to watch and keep it with them by downloading it to their personal devices or on the OTT platform. Another option is to rent videos to watch it for a specific rental period. VOD businesses that have long-form of recurring content like entertainment series. This can be a large collection of movies, drama series, or even original series that aligns with the interests and viewing habits of users.

In particular, these protections are incredibly important if you are trying to make a profit off of the content you are providing. This information will definitely help you decide how to make a video streaming website even better and in which direction to move next. In this chapter you are going to learn how to make a video streaming website from a technical standpoint.

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