Survey: Davis Suite Vacancy Rates Up From Pre-Pandemic Lows

Survey: Davis Suite Vacancy Rates Up From Pre-Pandemic Lows

The suite vacancy rates from inside the town of Davis eased some from the pre-pandemic lows as pupils returned to the University of California, Davis, for in-person instruction into the fall, relating to a survey report launched today (Feb. 2).

The 1.4% combined vacancy price – such as apartments leased by product and also by the sleep – are significantly below the 12.2percent for autumn 2020 when the university in the pipeline for online direction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But leaving out that seasons, it’s the highest since 2016, once the report started determining a combined vacancy rates, and it ranged between 0.3% and 1.0%.

Rent for sleep- and unit-leased flats increased by a mixed typical of 10.9per cent in trip 2021 set alongside the earlier 12 months.

The results are from the college’s vacancy- and rental-rate survey, conducted since at the least 1975 to give you the campus and related communities with information to compliment preparation.

Openings by product means

According to the survey, 81 flats, or 1.1percent, of 7,083 leased by product comprise vacant and readily available for rental, in contrast to 570 or 8.4percent vacant among 6,797 apartments in fall 2020.

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